Application As a Services

Any business model requires a fully intact internal system that operates professionally and efficiently yet can be easily managed and customized with high performance. In fact, Smartdata Solusi Utama delivers Application as Services Solution as a model services to customers. It is the fastest growing cost-effective delivery model serviceThis service is beneficial in case the software was associated with expensive in-house hardware, network, and hosting software integration solutions. As a responsive affordable and low-cost service, we offers our clients the benefits of a less complex software setup and minimizing the risk of paying more for unnecessary additions and applications you may not use in your business.Top Features:

  • Cost-effective Instead of acquiring the complexity of the same commercially licensed applications packaging accompanied with their initial high costs, we equips businesses to host applications only to use specific software requirements rather than paying extra amounts for additional unnecessary applications.
  • 24/7 monitoringour teams of IT professionals have proven of their dedication and commitment to delivering more than just a service to our clients. We deliver support consistency and security enhancements in addition to meeting their ever changing demands.

Business Intelligence as Services
With business intelligence as a service, we ensure that data from a large number of actors, entities and operations is integrated, processed and presented in a way that is accessible to the decision makers and other relevant actors in your company, generating new insights into potential opportunities.

The added value of this type of integration is significant, including because it allows users to research and understand elements such as customer profiles, revenue and costs or purchasing patterns. Through our services, the organization is able to gain new perspectives from available information.

Smartdata Solusi Utama creates a customized BI as a service framework which maximizes added value.