Data Feeder


Data Feeder is an application for capturing transaction in Outlet Point of Sales in Selling area through tapping the transaction data in final receipt and sending the data to analytics engine.Data Feeder also having capabilities for :

  • Near Real Time transaction data capture
  • Integrated with SmartPOS and other POS application

Data Feeder Features :

  1. Independent application
  2. Capturing data based on final receipt transaction
  3. Recapitulation report promo product based on cashier
  4. Application system management & monitoring services
  5. Integrated with SmartPOS and many POS Application
  6. Near Real-time data capture
  7. Near real-time data analytics
  8. Secured in cloud platform
  9. Ability to custom business needs
  10. Integrated Support L1 – L3
  11. Including Application Patch
  12. 247 Helpdesk and Support Availability